Pregnant Mom Suffers Fatal Cerebral Hemorrhage, 123 Days Later Gives Birth To Miracle Twins.

Muriel Padilha was on his way to work one day last October, when his wife, 21-year-old Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, called and urgently told him to come back home, complaining about a severe headache and sharp neck pains.

Muriel rushed Frankielen to the hospital where doctors discovered she’d suffered cerebral hemorrhaging. Frankielen was declared brain-dead three days later.


During the drive to the hospital that day, Muriel recalled, “she said, ‘I want you to be prepared to accept this because I will be staying there, I won’t be coming home. Then she passed out, and those were the last words she spoke to me and the last time I saw her alive.”

At that time, Muriel and Frankielen were parents to a two-year-old daughter, Isla. Not only that, Frankielen was nine weeks pregnant with twins; a boy and a girl.


Doctors believed there was nothing they could do to save the twins since they had been subjected to X-rays, drugs, and antibiotics while doctors attempted to save Frankielen’s life.

They conducted an ultrasound and expected the twins’ bodies to be shutting down, “but to our surprise, they were clinging to life,” said Dr. Dalton Rivabem, a physician at the Nosso Senhora do Rocio hospital in Brazil.

The doctors decided to keep Frankielen on life support to give the twins a fighting chance at life.

24-four-year-old Muriel was distraught over the loss of his wife, who he’d fallen in love with six years earlier. He visited the hospital every day during that four-month period, along with the nearly two dozen doctors and staff who rotated to Frankielen’s bedside daily, massaging and caressing her growing stomach and singing lullabies to the steadily growing babies.


“We found children’s songs and played them to the babies in the womb. We even made up tunes exclusively for them,” said Erika Checan, a chaplain and music therapist.

Muriel said there wasn’t a dry eye in the delivery room the day Asaph and Anna Vitoria were delivered by an emergency C-section in February, about two months early. The twins were kept in incubators until they were healthy enough to go home in May.


Frankielen was removed from life support, but not before she managed to save two more lives by donating her heart and kidneys.


These twins are little miracles.

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