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Baby Latches Onto Older Sister For The Cutest Cuddlefest You’ve Ever Seen.

Today we bring you young Nowah and her baby sister, Indi, who are anything but dueling siblings. In fact they ham it up for the camera with nearly a minute of sweet, sisterly affection.

“Happy Nowah loves to cuddle, her baby sister Indi… not so much,”the parents explained on their YouTube channel, which features loving, feel-good moments between their daughters. “But that seems to change, this was the first time her baby sister started the whole cuddling herself.â€


And once she gets a hang (pun intended) of the whole hugging thing, baby Indi really gets into it. She wraps her arms around big sis’s waist and hangs on, nestles her little head into Nowah’s stomach, pulls back for a second, then dives right back in for another hug.


This PDA obviously came mid-meal, based on Indi’s blue bib. Maybe she was just trying to wipe some baby food off her face? It’s much easier to empathize with someone when you’ve been through it yourself.

Below is a picture of Nowah, around the age as Indi was when this video was taken, during an especially messy mealtime:


Watch the adorable snuggle session in the clip below, and remember to share to spread some sisterly love!

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