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A baby deer got up to investigate a kindly logger who stopped by to make sure she and her sibling were okay. In appears this sweetheart mistook him for mama!

Baby Deer Mistakes Logger For Its Mom & Their Interaction Is The Cutest.

Nobody who runs across an animal in the wild can just drive on by without a second glance, especially not a baby animal. But nothing will make you hit the brakes harder than to see not just one, but two babies already looking so fragile and vulnerable they might just break, with their mother nowhere in sight.

On a summer day back in 2011, an unnamed logger stopped to do a welfare check of sorts on two baby deer who he found, lying about 20 feet apart from each other, on the side of a gravel road.


In all likelihood, their mom was somewhere nearby, foraging for berries and other grub to bring back to the kiddos.


So they took the opportunity to take a load off and rest their little legs, spend a few minutes quietly reflecting on their lives.


But for prey animals like deer, lying down and taking in the sights is a luxury. These sweet babies don’t know what Mom knows just yet, that the slightest movement could signify danger. So they barely twitch, even as the logger gets within arm’s distance.

The more trusting (or maybe naïve) of the two even gets up and walks over to him, maybe mistaking this concerned logger for his mom. (Watch carefully at 1:41 … see his little tongue flick out?)


“No, I’m not who you think I am,” he tells the little baby, which barely reaches his knee.

Knowing momma’s almost certainly close by, possibly even watching her babies make a new friend, the kindhearted logger leads them off the road and into the foliage beyond.


Watch this adorable clip down below, and be sure to share with your animal lover friends!

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