Baby Capybara “Dances” To Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” In Adorable Zoo Video.

baby capybara

This baby capybara has moves!

In our sometimes stressful lives filled with adulting, we often need to sit down, relax, and watch some wholesome content on social media. The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami came to our service when they caught a clip of a tiny and adorable rodent practicing her dancing skills.

The capybara was spotted walking around her water feature, and she was doing it in the most unique way. She was moving just like a zombie out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. So, the foundation did what any reasonable person would do—they filmed her and posted the video to the tune. She truly does look like she came straight out of the classic music video. Watch below.

“Our natural born entertainer giving her best [Thriller] dance impression on a morning dip,” reads the caption.

The video was part of an effort to give the baby capybara a name. The caption concluded, “Last chance to drop your name suggestions for our [capybara] beauty in the comments below.”

The Baby Capybara Has a New Name!

An earlier post explains that the little lady arrived at the zoo on Christmas Eve. She was immediately released into “her brand new habitat” and the team gave her a warm welcome “for her first night” as part of the family.

First day, new digs

The zoo had no idea what to name the baby capybara, so they asked fans for suggestions. The winner was promised “1 General Wildlife Experience.”

The thriller video earned plenty of attention for the young capybara, and viewers were quick to offer some great options. The foundation pulled out all the stops to announce her name, too. With the help of the Today Show and the local NBC affiliate, they officially dubbed her “Eve.”

Baby Capybara Named

“They wanna know, you want to know and @todayshow and @nbc6 officially shared our viral thriller dancing capybara superstar today announcing the official name: ‘Eve’ – a nod to her arrival on Christmas Eve,” reads a third post.

The zoo noted that several other major publications featured Ms. Eve, as well. So it’s “safe to say there’s a new star on the block and everyone @zwfmiami couldn’t be more in love with our girl.”

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