Baby Bear Rescued From Wildlife Traffickers Enjoys Her Very First Bubble Bath.

A baby bear named Wonder stands outside a bathtub with bubbles. She has so many bubbles on her head that you can't see her face.

As anyone who has ever owned a puppy will tell you, their first bath likely won’t be very fun — this is true for both the canine and human. But have you ever thought about how other baby animals feel about their first bath? This baby bear, named Wonder, certainly approves of her time in the tub, especially since there are so many fun bubbles!

But before little Wonder could enjoy her bath time, she had to endure a difficult journey. Sadly, she was taken by wildlife traffickers. Cops eventually found her on the back of a motorbike in North Vietnam. From there, she was taken to a sanctuary called Animals Asia. Here, she was introduced to the relaxing, or in her case, playful, concept of bath time!

Baby Bears Has a Ball During Her First Bubble Bath

Arriving at the sanctuary in 2021, Wonder was required to quarantine for 45 days. During that time, however, she was given a fun, interactive space to enjoy. This is where her first ever bath took place!

The video capturing this baby bear’s first bubble bath is too adorable! Although she’s new at it, Wonder takes no time at all getting acquainted with the bubbles. Rather, she dives right into the water, splashing around with all her might.

Baby bear Wonder splashes around in her bubble bath. Bubbly water is splashing everywhere. Wonder is on her back and she has one foot in the air.

Once she’s able to go outside, she’s met by her very own jungle gym! Still, no matter how many new adventures little Wonder goes on at Animals Asia, nothing can quite compare to the comfort (and fun) of a bubble bath!

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