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18 Must-Have Green Cleaning Products for a Pet-Friendly Home


Skip the store-bought stuff that’s rough on the environment for these eco-friendly picks that are safe and effective. Your furry friends (and the planet) will thank you.

1. A bottle of stain & odor eliminator, because life happens and this enzymatic cleaning spray can get out just about any mess.


Think: stinky yellow pet urine and feces to vomit and other organic spills from carpets, furniture, and everywhere in between. 

For a pet-safe product, this stain and odor eliminator uses enzymes to break down pet messes, leaving carpets fresh and odor-free. It uses a bio-enzymatic formula to break down the enzymes of pet messes so that the smell is erased, not masked.

Plus, it’s a must-have for any pet owner, especially during potty training. Reviewers love the quality and ease of use.

2.  Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner is here to save you from dirt, grime, and grease on sealed floors you were convinced wouldn’t budge. Just mix a little with water, and you’ve got gallons of natural floor cleaner.


This floor cleaner makes it super easy to clean your floors with white distilled vinegar and an essential oil blend. Dilutable and versatile, it easily cleans sealed floors including hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, and more.

Plus, it is people and pet-friendly.

One promising review says,”I like the fact this is natural. It cleans well & a nice smell & safe to use. Highly recommend”.

3. A plant-based multi-surface cleaner here to effectively clean any surface including countertops, stove tops, cabinets, and walls without having to double back with harsh chemicals. No more grimy surfaces that leave stains and odors. 


This natural all-purpose cleaner’s ingredients are as gentle as they come for even the most delicate surfaces. It is made with natural white vinegar and coconut-derived soap that deodorizes and leaves a clean you can actually feel good about.

Plus, it is made for any surface of your home. Reviewers love the natural scent and its quality.

4. A plant-based cleaning spray your windows, mirrors, chrome, and more could really use to get rid of those fingerprints, rain spots, and pet noses.


Many pet owners swear by using products that have natural ingredients to clean their homes. This cleaning spray is a pre-made vinegar mix that is used on windows, mirrors, light fixtures, and stainless steel to remove smudges, fingerprints, rain spots, oil, and dirt. Wipe down pet slobber quickly while protecting the environment.

One promising review says,”I have never found a better safe window cleaner that cleans sooo well. I am happy that I could buy 6 of them as a packaged deal. It cleans way better than windex plus no toxicity.”

5. Or a carpet shampoo that actually digs deep to remove new and old stains, odors, and allergens, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean. You, my friend, just saved yourself a FAT cleaning bill.


Rescue your carpet from nasty stains and odors that linger. This carpet shampoo removes deep stains and odors from your carpet, area rugs, and upholstery while keeping them looking pristine for longer. Plus, it’s safe for pets and kids.

Reviewers love how good it smells and the quality of the cleaner.

6. A gentle but effective toilet bowl cleaner made with naturally good stuff that’s gentle on the planet. Just squirt the gel under the rim to coat the bowl, brush, and flush. The tea tree and peppermint scent leaves your bathroom smelling oh-so-fresh.

Better Life

Does your cat or dog have a tendency of taking a sip from the toilet bowl when you’re not looking? If the answer is yes, then this pet-safe toilet cleaner is a must. This toilet bowl cleaner uses plant-based agents that work just as well as traditional toilet cleaners and it smells great.

One reviewer says,”I have been using this toilet bowl cleaner for a few years now. It comes out clear with a refreshing mint/peppermint smell. It cleans the toilet and makes the whole bathroom smell good. “

7. A highly effective all-purpose cleaner specifically designed to get rid of scuff marks, spills, streaks, grease, and more off your glass, countertops, appliances, and upholstery. Simply spray on any mess and wipe away.


Are you tired of a cabinet full of single-use cleaners? This all-purpose surface cleaner works just as well as cleansers containing chemicals but without toxic fumes. Clean the grime off the wall, floor, countertop, and bathroom sink – all with one amazing product.

Breathe easy knowing it’s gentle yet effective, formulated with natural ingredients safe for your pets.

One promising review says,” I’m always seeking both effective and pet-safe cleaning products. I have purchased this product several times now and still am sold on its ability to clean and disinfect, without harmful chemicals. It’s a price performer!”

8. A bottle of pure-castile liquid soap is here to clean your home and your pets. This multi-purpose soap can be diluted for different uses, from mopping your floors to shampooing your furry friends. Now you don’t have to ‘act’ like the mess isn’t there, because it really isn’t. 

Dr. Bronner’s

This pure-castile liquid soap goes beyond baby bums to clean messes. Made with gentle organic oils, this multi-purpose cleaner does it all from mopping and hand-washing dishes to washing pets & more. Just dilute it for multiple uses.

Plus, it is a great option for sensitive pups and eco-conscious parents. Reviewers love how gentle it is on the skin and that it leaves no residue.

9. A powerful carpet cleaner machine detergent capable of removing stains, odors, and dirt from your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, leaving them feeling luxuriously soft.

Puracy Professional

A little goes a long way with this carpet cleaner machine detergent. Just one ounce of cleaner per 100 ounces of water is all you need to get rid of stubborn stains. This stain remover is fast-acting and nearly foamless, making it a great option for spot cleaning or machine cleaning.

Plus, it is natural, making it a great choice for pet-friendly homes.

One promising review says,” I decided to try this carpet shampoo because I love the Puracy laundry detergent and stain treatment products. I was also quite pleased with how this freshened up the carpet. “

10. A bottle of no-wax, no-rinse hardwood floor cleaner here to remove all dirt and grime, taking your floors from “ugh” to “ooh la la” in just a few swipes. 


Gone are the days of wax, rinse, repeat. This hardwood floor cleaner cleans dirt and grime from your hardwood floors in a few sweeps. It is made of non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that keep pets safe and protect floors. Plus, its ergonomic nozzle sprays for even coverage.

Reviewers love that this floor cleaner smells great (some say like chocolate and almonds) and it is easy to use.

11. A bottle of hard surface sanitizer specifically designed to win the fight against bacteria that have been living on your non-porous surfaces for far too long now.

Biosafe Systems

This bleach-free, food-contact safe formula needs no rinsing, making it perfect for surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. 

Its no-rinse formula makes it great for food contact surfaces. Simply apply it to a surface and wait.

Plus, it quickly kills e-coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, and klebsiella.

One promising review says,” Reasonably priced and a great food-grade surface cleaner and sanitizer. Odor-free and clear liquid, easily wipes surfaces whether directly on a cloth or sponge – or from a spray bottle.

12. A laundry detergent made for sensitive skin to leave your clothes free from stubborn stains like grass, tomato sauce, or chocolate without irritating your skin. It’s made with plant-based ingredients and it’s free from harsh fragrances, dyes, and artificial brighteners. 


Plant-based ingredients make this laundry detergent safe for pets and still leave you with fresh, clean laundry. Its also biodegradable formula makes it great for the environment.

Reviewers are happy with its effective stain removal. It is also fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

13. A floor cleaner — not only will it have your wood, tile, vinyl, and concrete floors clean, but it also leaves your floors sparkling and smelling naturally fresh.


Get 24 gallons of plant-based enzyme formulation from just one bottle. This floor cleaner breaks down organic material that causes odors, leaving a natural, fresh scent. Simply mix 1 oz of this floor cleaner for every gallon of water and use a spray bottle or wipe to apply it.

It is also a non-caustic cleaner making it safe for pets.

Reviewers love how well it works for different floors and its scent.

14. An Angry Orange Pet odor eliminator for getting rid of all smelly (and visible) odors. I mean,  accidents happen, but the smell doesn’t have to linger. 


With pets, it’s hard to imagine a life without messes and stains. This citrusy odor eliminator gets rid of all sorts of nasty situations. Its natural essential oil and enzymatic formula makes it a great spot cleaner and it’s effective on just about any surface.

Reviewers love how incredibly effective it is (a spritz or two gets the job done), plus it is safe to use around pets.

15. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda cleans tough pet messes without harsh fumes. This mild abrasive tackles pet odors naturally, leaving your home smelling fresh.


Baking soda is one of the most simple and the most effective pet-safe products you can use. It’s great for deodorizing upholstery and carpets. Also, you can add it to vinegar or dish soap to create a multi-purpose cleaner that equally eliminates odors.

16. An all-purpose cleaner with a 100% vegan formula that works on all surfaces and you can safely use in areas your pet comes into contact with. 22 fl oz of guilt-free cleaning satisfaction.

Earth Friendly Products

Are you someone who swears by a multi-purpose cleaner? This pet-friendly option is a safe and effective surface spray that cleans and leaves a streak-free finish.

One promising review says,” This is an awesome & amazing product. I am sensitive to most household cleaning products. This one I can spray anywhere all day and just feel good about what I’m inhaling. Very safe I love it”

17. Or a reusable lint roller to unearth all the fur stuck in your rugs. Invest in one that is gentle enough to glide along your clothes and just as durable to take out the pet hair hiding in your couches or carpets.


Is your pet hair situation getting out of control? This lint roller removes unwanted fur from your clothes and fabrics, restoring them to their former glory.

Reviewers love how easy it is to use and it is battery-free.

18. Biokleen dishwashing soap, a concentrated formula that cuts through grime and rinses spot-free without residue.


This eco-friendly dishwashing soap cleans grease and baked-on food, leaving everything spot-free. It is super concentrated, meaning less waste and it is safe for pets.

Plus, it is hand moisturizing, making it great for you if your hands tend to be sensitive and break out easily.

One promising review says,” Love it! The smell is soft and pleasant, it’s easy on my hands, and cleans well.”

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