Autistic 4-Yr-Old Says Her Name For The First Time And Mom Freaks In The Best Way.

A non-speaking autistic girl says her own name for the first time.

An autistic girl made her mom the proudest woman on the planet when she said her own name for the first time! Sousan is 4 years old, and she has non-speaking austism. Her mother shares her parenting experiences on TikTok. She loves all her kids just as they are, but she was really, really excited to hear her daughter say her own name. Obviously, Mom commemorated the occasion with the sweetest video of her reaction!

In the clip, Sousan’s mother practically screams with joy when the girl with non-speaking autism says her first word. She then launches into the most adorable series of affirmations to boost her daughter’s confidence.

“Sousan is beautiful,” her mother tells her. “Sousan is intelligent. Sousan is magnificent.”

Commenters were delighted to see the cute interaction between the autistic girl and her mom. Many users especially loved the way this TikToker affirmed her child!

“The pure joy in your voice,” one person wrote. “She’s amazing and we’re all so proud of her!”

“The words of affirmation and encouragement,” said another. “You’re the mom she needs. She’s clearly so well loved.”

A non-speaking autistic girl says her own name for the first time.
Screengrab from TikTok

Now that this girl with non-speaking autism has said her first word, there’s no telling what’s next for her! What we do know is that, no matter what, her mom is going to be so, so proud.

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