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Artist Drew Heartwarming Illustration Of Dog’s Life, By The End You’ll Never Want To Let Go Of Your Pup!

anything comic illustration of a dogs life

Having a dog is one of the greatest joy’s in life. They become part of the family as you raise them, train them, take care of them. They love playing with you and are always there when you need them. You can tell them your secrets and know they will never betray you. And they give you a special boost when you’re feeling down.

They do things things and expect nothing in return. All they need is your love and attention, other than that, wagging tails and smile-like faces are surely there. But it comes to a point where we have to take more care of our pups. When we have to realize they don’t have the same life span as we do. When they grow older and can no longer wag those tails or play catch.

A wonderful illustration by Anything Comic provided a very special account of the life of a dog and the relationship with their human. There’s happy times, silly times and the times when it must come to an end… but that end isn’t a sad one.


Image via barkpost

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