Piglet Was Left To Die, But When You See Where She Calls Home Now… Amazing!

Piper teacup pig sleeping save the piggies

As we learned from childhood classics, Charlotte’s Web and Babe, it ain’t easy being a pig. And the recent “teacup pig” craze hasn’t made things any easier.

Shady breeders will sell piglets as pets, claiming that their teacup pigs will stay baby-sized forever. When in reality, a teacup pig can grow up to 100-150 pounds. Uninformed buyers bring home these piglets, then will often ditch them when they grow larger than expected. That’s exactly happened to Piper when she was thrown out, unwanted into the cold.

But luckily for Piper, her abandonment didn’t last too long.

She was rescued by self-described “pig mom” Carey Webb. Carey, mother of two (human) sons and adoptive mother of 4 pigs, 3 chickens, and 1 French Bulldog, fell in love with pigs when she rescued her now 300 pound Kookie, when he was abandoned 1 pound and near death. When she found Piper in a similar situation, she knew she had to save her.

And she has been the perfect fit for this unique clan. “Piper is the best thing that has ever happened to our family!” writes Carey in an Instagram caption, “She brings us so much happiness!”

Piper’s life now is filled with love and adoration. Sometimes in the form of hand-fed snacks…   

…and dance parties!

But Carey doesn’t want to stop there. Her love for Piper (and her other piggy babies!) has inspired her to set up a pig sanctuary. In order to rescue more abandoned piglets and she’s also started a GoFundMe  page to raise money.

“There are so many pigs in our area that need help, and I would love to be their savior and rescue them and treat them all how they deserve to be treated.” 

We hope Carey can someday achieve her dream! In the meantime, looks like Piper’s pig dreams have already come true.    

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