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Arnold Schwarzenegger Keeps A Horse (And A Mini Zoo) In His House?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger with one of his pets, a mini pig named Schnelly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger traditionally plays “tough guy” roles in movies. He was the barbarian Conan, the hunter in Predator, and a plethora of other roles. But at home, it appears that the former California governor has a soft spot for animals. According to Celebrity Pets, Arnold Schwarzenegger currently has a total of six pets, including several rather unique choices!

Back in 1997, Arnold and his family adopted their first unusual pet. In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, Arnold explained that he wanted a miniature pig after working with George Clooney on the movie, “Batman and Robin.” After a breeder said that their new pet, Bacon, would not grow very large, the pig grew to be an enormous 300-pound behemoth.

Arnold’s animals are truly members of the household, and happily parade around inside. Lulu, the mini donkey, and Schnelly, the mini pig, are also learning chess. The current list of Schwarzenegger pets includes three dogs, a mini horse, a mini pig (a real mini one this time), and Lulu, the mini donkey. Let’s meet the members of the mini zoo!

Arnold Schwarzenegger donkey
Image from Instagram.

Arnold has three dogs named Schnitzel, Dutch, and Cherry. Schnitzel is a Leonberger breed and is named after Arnold’s favorite Austrian dish. Dutch is possibly a malamute, or malamute mix. He is named after Arnold’s character in the “Predator” movie. Finally, Cherry is an adorable little Yorkshire terrier. She is the smallest of the bunch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger pets
Image from Instagram.

Arnold’s mini pig, Schnelly, was adopted in April of 2023. She is slightly larger than cute little Cherry. Arnold is attempting to teach Schnelly to play chess, but we don’t think the lessons are sticking.

Arnold Schwarzenegger pig
Image from Instagram.

The last two members of Arnold’s little farmstead are Whiskey, the mini horse, and Lulu, the mini donkey. Both animals roam freely inside his expansive home and participate in the daily routine. When perusing Arnold’s social media, you might catch Lulu supervising a workout in the gym.

It is clear that, regardless of his on-film persona, Arnold is an animal lover. The videos and articles we read in researching this tell us that these pets are truly members of his household. Watch the drill sergeant supervising a workout!


Lulu pumps up.

♬ Hard Work – U.S. Drill Sergeant Field Recordings

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