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Army Vet Leaps Into Harbor To Pull Distraught Driver From Sinking Car.

Sous chef saves man from car in harbor.

Working in restaurant kitchens isn’t always easy. The work is hot, fast-paced, and stressful at times, but that never stops Tom Walsh from turning up for his shift. An Army veteran, Tom has worked as a sous chef at Phillips Seafood in Baltimore, Maryland for the past four years. Coworkers say he’s “a stellar employee” and “a leader in our kitchen.”

Tom has Wednesdays off, but on this particular afternoon he made an unscheduled visit to the restaurant to speak with his boss. He was leaving through the rear entrance when he witnessed a white car driving straight into the Inner Harbor. The driver was an elderly man in the midst of a mental health crisis. As the car began to sink, Tom leaped into action – literally! Fully clothed, the chef jumped into the murky water and swam to the car.

Jordan Payne was on her way into work at Phillips when she saw the commotion outside. She noticed the driver was “not trying to get out, not making an effort or anything,” but Tom refused to give up.

Once he reached the car, Tom went into overdrive. The windows were all rolled up, and the water pressure kept him from opening the doors. In an instant, he did what needed to be done. Using just his bare fist and elbow, he broke the car window and pulled the driver out of the vehicle.

Bystanders captured video of Tom as he swam the man to the edge of the harbor and grasped a rescue ring someone tossed in. First responders arrived soon after and helped them both onto dry land.

“His hand is like, all the way cut up,” Jordan recalled. “His whole knuckles are busted.”

Michelle Torres, corporate director of marketing and business development for Phillips, came outside to see Tom standing alone, dripping water and blood onto the pavement. She said that as paramedics tried to attend to his wounds, he was still more concerned about the driver’s wellbeing than his own.

“I have chills,” she said. “He’s so quiet, he went right into action.”

Both men were taken to the hospital, and Tom received stitches for his injuries. A crowd gathered by the harbor to watch as the car was fished out, which took about three hours.

True to form, this hero doesn’t want any accolades for his actions that day. In a statement, the restaurant said that Tom is “humble, private and does not want attention.” He’s expected to make a full recovery. Knowing Tom, he’ll be right back at work as soon as he’s back on his feet!

Tom wasn’t even supposed to be there that day… or was he? We’re so glad he was there when this stranger desperately needed a helping hand. Best wishes to this chef as he recovers from his injuries!

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