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Little Boy Gets Adorable Reply From Police After Reporting A “Crime.”

Child's letter to Dorset PD and their reply.

Ash and Jen Dobtini are always trying to teach their 4-year-old son, Toby, that the police are his friends. The child was scared of law enforcement, so his parents looked for ways to demonstrate how helpful and kind cops can be to the citizens they protect and serve. One morning, Toby’s favorite toy car fell out of his pocket in their driveway and rolled into the street. A car came a long and squashed it flat, leaving the boy in tears for hours. His parents rightly refused to let him dial the emergency number to report the “crime,” but they helped him write a letter instead.

Toby dictated the letter, in which he asks for the Dorset, England police department’s help to track down the “bad man” who crushed his car, and to “tell him off.”

Ash and Jen shared the letter on social media, and a tweet found its way to the desk of Sergeant Sophie Williams of the Dorset P.D. She immediately sat down and penned a reply for Toby. She even bought him a new car with her own money.

This sweet gesture turned out to be just what Toby needed to get over his fear of the police!

“Sophie has changed his world,” said Ash. “It’s gone from him being so frightened of the police, to thinking they are his friends and they’re going to look out for him. I think for him, that’ll make a huge difference in his life.”

Thank you, Sergeant Williams! It’s the little things that often make a huge difference.

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