Wounded Soldier Was Completely Unconscious. But Then He Gave A Sign That Changed Everything.

Army Ranger Josh Hargis had been in a terrible accident caused by a suicide bombing and IED attack against his 3rd Ranger Battalion in southern Afghanistan. It left him critically wounded… but could not keep him down.

As Josh laid in a hospital bed, doctors saw that he was completely unconscious. So did his commanding officer. He was standing over Hargis to give him the Purple Heart award to show thanks for the deep sacrifice given.

But then Josh miraculously came to.

Though he was hooked up to IV fluids, monitors and could barely open his eyes, Josh stunned everyone when he began to lift his right hand. In front of military leaders, doctors and his family, the Army Ranger gave a full salute.

Filling the entire room with tears, that brave signal showed an unbelievable sign of resilience and hope that is a true inspiration.  It reminds us all to be brave in this Holiday Season… and in life.

Watch below and share his heroism to encourage your friends.


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