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AriZona Iced Tea Owner Shares Why He Refuses To Raise The Price Above 99 Cents

Images show the owner of Arizona Teas explaining why it's still 99 cents.

AriZona Iced Tea was created in 1992 as a chief competitor for Snapple flavored drinks. To be “different,” they began by offering their drink in a larger, 22-ounce can. You can now get AriZona teas and other beverages in smaller containers. They also provide their tea in one-gallon jugs. With all the changes and inflation, AriZona still offers their 22-ounce can of tea at 99 cents. During an interview with The Today Show, owner Don Vultaggio explained why he intends to keep his product priced low.


#AriZonaIcedTea is notoriously still only 99 cents, despite rising prices across the food and drink industry. Owner Don Vultaggio explains why he is so adamant about the price staying under a dollar, and if that will change in the foreseeable future. #TODAYShow #3rdHourTODAY

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First among his reasons is that the company is successful and still making a profit with the lower price. While some retailers set a higher price, the suggested retail price for AriZona Tea remains at 99 cents. He mentioned that the company was debt-free and owned all its equipment. Continuing, he talked about people having a rough time paying for rent and food. He feels the company shouldn’t price their product out of range for struggling consumers.

Images show AriZona Tea owner Don Vultaggio talking about why the price is still 99 cents.
Image from TikTok.

When asked if the company would ever raise the AriZona Tea price above 99 cents, he couldn’t promise that. He emphasized it would stay 99 cents for the foreseeable future. The AriZona Tea company is dedicated to consumers and shows it by keeping the product at 99 cents. There are more than twenty flavors of AriZona teas and juice drinks.

One of their most popular products is the lemonade and iced tea blend, sold as the Arnold Palmer blend. It is available in gallons and sells well. The company believes in its customers. They understand that they would not be America’s number one tea and juice brand without consumers. That sentiment is as refreshing as their tea! Grab a can for yourself!

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