5-Yr-Old With Cancer Shines In Adorable Disney Princess Photo Shoot.

Arianna Taft of Rhode Island always looks on the bright side – just like her favorite Disney princesses.


Despite battling an aggressive form of kidney cancer, the 5-year-old faces each challenge with a smile, inspiring her dad, Ryan, every day. After everything she’s been through, this special little girl deserves to feel like a princess. And thanks to photographer Ashley Richer, she does!

For two years, Ashley has been giving free photo shoots to children with cancer in memory of her son’s 1-year-old friend, Lia, who died from the disease. She’s also dealt with her own medical issues following complications with her carotid artery and TIA strokes.

“I see now that all of that happened so that I can be here today helping to bring magic to these kid’s lives,” she told InspireMore.

For Arianna, nothing could be more magical than a princess photo shoot!

Diagnosed this year, Arianna had a 13-centimeter tumor on her kidney. While both the tumor and kidney were surgically removed, doctors found the cancer had spread to the other kidney as well as her lungs, liver, and lymph nodes. And she’s since lost her hair from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

When one of Ashley’s clients told her about Arianna, she came up with the perfect way to keep her smiling. Posing in front of a green screen, Arianna dressed up as Disney princesses, including Snow White, Belle, Merida, and her favorite, Elsa.

After the shoot, Ashley worked her editing magic to bring the photos to life with backgrounds to match each Disney movie. Not only are the results stunning, but they capture Arianna’s beauty and strength in the face of her disease.

“To see her dressed as her favorite magical princess and all the other ones is just incredible,” Ryan told People. “I look at the photos and I know it’s Ari, I know it’s my daughter, but it literally looks like she could be starring in her own movie, which is just super special and amazing.”

“You hear cancer and you think all the bad things that are associated with it, but… she hasn’t allowed a single day to be difficult. You can’t look at her and see what she’s going through and not feed off of that strength.” he added. “She’s just representative of bald is beautiful and bald can be a Disney princess, and she’s loving on every minute of it.”

Move over, Belle – there’s a new beauty in town! What a special thing do to for such a deserving girl! Things may be hard right now, but Arianna has a lot to smile about, including a trip to the San Diego Zoo courtesy of A Wish Come True. You can help support the family through Arianna’s fight by donating here.

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