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4-Yr-Old Fails Box Jump, But Dad’s Pep Talk Changes Everything.

Fumbling your way through life is a rite of passage for all kids. Epic fails are just par for the course. For some, it’s finally riding a bike without those pesky training wheels. For others, it’s getting their drawing to come out just right during craft time at school.

But for one athletic four-year-old named Arat Hosseini, the box jump was the bane of his adorable little existence.


Try as he might, he just couldn’t seem to nail it.

epic fail

Arat’s dad, Mohamad, is an athletic guy, and he definitely passed down his love of physical fitness to his total cutie of a son.

dad plays soccer with son

Arat has been obsessed with gymnastics since he was just a baby — he could even scale a 10-foot wall before the age of three! — but there was just something about that box jump that stumped him…

athletic kids

You know the box jump: that crazy thing fit people can do where they jump up onto a super-high platform or box from a standing position. (I can’t relate.)

amazing kids

Over and over again, the little guy tries his hardest to make it up onto the top of that stool, but he just can’t. That’s when dad steps up with a gentle word of encouragement…


And then, after countless failed attempts, he does it! While the victory itself is amazing, it’s the triumphant shout Arat lets out when he pulls it off that really seals the deal. Dad’s reaction is equally precious!


Not only is this a sweet interaction between a father and son, it’s a great (and adorable) example of perseverance!


Check out the video down below and be sure to replay it whenever you’re feeling like you want to quit.

Share it with your friends and remind them to do the same!

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