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No More Slamming Doors! Creative Dad Has The Best Solution To Teen’s Tantrums.

teen looks sad in doorway

Teen temper tantrums are a common reoccurrence for many parents. As children grow into adolescence they go into a stage where they want to test and rebel against authority – let’s be honest, most of us did it.

Well, one dad had enough of his teen son pushing the envelope, so he decided to teach him a lesson. The teen was constantly slamming his door when he would grow angry with his father. Fed up with his son’s behavior, the dad didn’t decide to do the typical grounding or take his door away. Instead, he did something even more embarrassing: A picture is worth a thousand words! The look on this teen’s face is priceless after getting bested by his father.

The father went to grab his tools with a grand idea in mind – a lesson that would remind his son never to slam doors in his house again! He took his tools and began working to remove the door.

But he didn’t remove the whole door… He sawed it in half!


The son looks completely agitated by the justice served by his parents, but in their defense, the door still works. He just won’t be able to slam it to retreat in isolation, because he has a brand-new top-open Dutch door.

The picture above was taken by his brother and captioned, “When your brother gets his door cut in half as punishment for slamming his door.”

You have to discipline your kids somehow, and this dad deserves an award for creativity!

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