Mom Shares Powerful Letter About Using Love To Fight Today’s Issues.

amy weatherly i cant take this

Every generation has its signature issues, but it can seem like this particular generation has more than its fair share. It’s enough to bring a parent to their wit’s end.

But that’s why it’s important to keep this mom’s words of wisdom in mind. Blogger Amy Weatherly acknowledges her sense of hopelessness in the face of the climate her children are growing up in. But she refuses to just throw up her arms and give in because she knows that goodness and kindness exist in abundance.

We may not be able to solve all the world’s problems, but by harnessing that love and channeling it in the right direction, and speaking up about the important issues in our lives, we can make a difference in at least one small corner of the world. Continue reading below to find her powerful post.

amy and sons

“I Can’t Take it Anymore:

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The school shootings.
The political divide.
The racial tension.
The border.

The sexual abuse.
The hurt.
The pain.
The anger.

amy looks overwhelmed

The misplaced fear.
The wars overseas.
The wars at home.
The bullying on the playground.
The bullying from behind the safety of the computer screen.
I can’t take it anymore.

And I don’t have all of the answers. I don’t have all of the antibiotics. I don’t have all of the keys. I don’t have all of the cures and the erasers and the spells to make it all magically disappear into a puff of thin air and hopes and dreams.

But I do have this. I do have this one thing to offer. I do know this:

amy boys sleeping

It starts with you and with me and with the conversations we have with our kids at bedtime. I do know it starts with us being kind to our neighbors. I do know it starts with us doing a better job of keeping our mouths shut and our ears open. I do know it starts with us taking a stand for what we believe in, and making the time to sit down with our families at the kitchen table.

I do know it starts with us calling a friend who is hurting, and calling out injustice the second we see it happening. I do know it starts with us being soft with people’s hearts, and hard on the issues that set our souls on fire. I do know it starts with us carefully building up our knowledge on the matters at hand, and recklessly tearing down the walls that separate us as a culture.

phone bank

I do know it starts with phone calls and texts and letters to the proper people. I do know it starts with combining the facts in your head and the fuel in your heart to start a fire that can change laws that desperately need to be changed.

amy weatherly kids

I do know it starts with us stretching outside of our comfort zones and reaching out to the man on the corner. I do know it starts with us feeding the hungry. I do know it starts with us giving to the poor. I do know it starts with us making room at the table for the weary and the restless and the broken-hearted.

I do know it starts with us leading in love, because it always, always, always starts with love.”

love silhouette

Even the strongest of us are overwhelmed with so many social and political issues, but when you’re ready to give up and leave the problems for someone else to deal with, stop and think: What if everybody did that?

Amy’s post serves as a great reminder that we can use the power of our love, both individually and collectively, to effect change, even if it’s just in our own small communities. And again: What if everyone did that?

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