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12-Yr-Old Prodigy Sings Duet With Famous International Vocalist, But Her Incredible Voice Brings Him To His Knees

Amira Willighagen is a Dutch opera singer whose incredible voice landed her the winning spot on the 6th season of Holland’s Got Talent… Oh, and when she won she was 9 years old.

Since winning Holland’s Got Talent, Amira has continued to grow as a professional singer. In the video below, she gives an incredible rendition of “O Sole Mio” in front of a captive audience in South Africa. At the time of the concert, Amira was 12 years old… but her voice is powerful beyond her years!


Patrizio Franco Buanne, a Neapolitan-Austrian singer heard about Amira’s talent and invited her to sing a duet with him. Patrizio has been singing for over 20 years, but Amira doesn’t seem too intimidated! In fact, the two absolutely shine together– their voices are flawless!

In fact, it’s clear that Patrizio genuinely admires Amira’s God-given talent. When he kisses her hand and motions for her to take the stage, it isn’t part of an act but true revere for her voice. At one point, Amira’s voice literally gives Patrizio chills.


Watch the video below to hear the incredible young vocalist in action!

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