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“Man With 2 Voices” Embodies Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli, Flawlessly Sings “The Prayer” At Mall Karaoke.

A man in a Filipino Mall stunned the world with his breathtaking cover of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s song “The Prayer”. We have heard some amazing singers before, like this soldier covering Rihanna and this one a kind Voice audition. But the reason why his rendition of the song is so special, and why it already has over 12 million views on Facebook, is because he perfectly nails both the female and male parts of the song!

The talented Filipino singer, Amiel Orio’s vocal range is so amazing, he somehow makes you think that there are two people on the microphone.


Some people have questioned the authenticity of the video, commenting that Orio must be lip syncing because the crowd looked somewhat unimpressed at his amazing performance. but no – he’s just that good.

The uploader ‘Team Philippines’ even defends Orio, saying his voice is indeed as extraordinary as it seems, but that in the Philippines singing is a passion of a vaste majority of the country, so there are an incredible amount of amazing singers who come through those malls.

The people of the Philippines may be used to that kind of talent, but we can attest that our jaws hit the floor when we heard him sing this song. It’s unlike anything we have seen before.

Check out his unbelievable performance in the video below.

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