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Wildlife Photographer Can’t Stop Laughing When Baby Seal Waddles Up & Tries To Hug Him.

seal hugging photographer

At InspireMore, we’ve seen some pretty incredible animal encounters. Jaimen Hudson was flying his drone off the coast in Western Australia when he saw two huge shapes rise from the depths of the ocean next to a lone paddle boarder. The aspiring filmmaker captured two enormous whales swimming playfully beneath the man, all alone on the sea.

Then there was the breathtaking footage of tens of thousands of golden manta rays taken off the coast of Mexico’s Holbox Island. Amateur photographer Sandra Critelli filmed the phenomena and captured these breathtaking pictures the middle of their migration as the rays glide from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to western Florida.

In the video below, Charlie Bird was filming Elephant seals while traveling through Antarctica when something incredible took place. Bird travels the world and has seem more of the animal kingdom than many of us will in a lifetime, but this time he was caught off guard when a couple of Elephant seal pups approached.

When the first waddled up and snuggled up to Bird, he began laughing uncontrollably in amusement, amazed that the creature felt so comfortable around him. Then when a second seal approached and flopped over his feet, Bird lost it completely.

Check out the adorably amazing footage in the video below!

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