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“American Idol” Is Calling Nya “One Of The Best Auditions This Season!”

A two-photo collage. The first shows "American Idol" judge Lionel Richie closing his eyes as he listens to contestant Nya. The second image shows Nya singing with her eyes closed and one hand raised.

The latest season of American Idol has only just begun, but fans think we’ve already met the future winner — and it seems the judges agree, too! Meet Nya, a singer who has already managed to make her way to Broadway. Still, singing isn’t what pays the bills quite yet. That’s why she’s here: to officially make her dreams come true!

But in order to make that happen, Nya first had to make it past her audition. To secure her spot in the competition, she chose to sing Wait a Minute! by Willow. Once she starts to sing, showing off her impressive runs, it’s clear why she considers herself to be a superstar.

Nya Wins Over American Idol Judges With Her Superstar Performance

All three judges can’t stop raving over Nya’s performance, with Luke Bryan pointing out that, unlike most folks who come from Broadway, she doesn’t sound like it.

“What you have are the goods, I think, to go all the way,” Lionel Richie admits.

To further highlight Nya’s star quality, a small fan was brought out to blow her hair a bit, like something you might see in a music video. Katy Perry took on the role of fan holder, prompting Nya to sing a bit more.

Katy Perry holds a small fan in front of Nya during her "American Idol" audition.

“There is no denying you are a star!” Perry exclaims.

There’s no doubt this is just the first we’re seeing of Nya, and we can’t wait to see what she sings the next time we see her on American Idol! And with the competition just getting started, there’s no telling how many new singers we’re going to love this year.

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