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Little Girl Asks Mailman For A Real-Life Unicorn And He Delivers In Sweetest Way.

Every day, 5-year-old Alice Aardal watches the mail carrier come and go from her home in Richland, Washington.

Her mom, Melissa Aardal, said that Alice believes the postman is kind of like Santa Claus, delivering presents to good little boys and girls.

Since the item Alice had her heart set on couldn’t be bought in any store, she decided to write her mail carrier a letter to ask him to deliver it to her instead. The request was a tall order: She wanted a real unicorn!

The first-grader sat down and wrote a sweet note, explaining her love for unicorns and asking him to bring one for her. Melissa helped her daughter put the letter in their mailbox like the supportive parent she is, but she didn’t think anything would come of it.

A week later, the mailman sent his reply, and it was awesome in every way!

He sent Alice a handwritten note and explained that while he couldn’t bring her a real unicorn, he could give her the next best thing: a stuffed unicorn plush toy and a unicorn puzzle!

“Dear Alice,” he wrote. “I spoke with the unicorn and we agreed her powers are too much for a little girl, but if you put enough love into this figure of her, she may come to life.”

Alice named the unicorn toy Twilight because “she’s sparkly.” She absolutely loves her gift, and her family still can’t believe that the mailman went so far out of his way to make a little girl’s wish come true.

“Somebody went above and beyond and kind of made something real for somebody,” Melissa said. “That’s just so awesome that that’s happening and somebody was just so thoughtful.”

The lucky little one and her mom have already sent the kind postal worker a thank-you card and a special charm bracelet, which Alice made just for him.

There really are angels working among us, aren’t there? This postal worker could have ignored the note, but he chose to make a little girl feel special and loved instead.

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