When Mom Leaves Without Giving Him A Kiss, Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum.

Who says you have to know how to speak in order to get your point across?

So much of our communication is non-verbal, which is a very good thing for parents struggling to understand their children as they learn how to talk. In fact, most parents can take one look at their offspring and know what they’re thinking and feeling, all without uttering a word.


Diana and Christos Simos of Jacksonville, Florida have gotten pretty good at interpreting their toddler Alexander’s burgeoning speech. Alexander is three, and while he knows plenty of words he’s still figuring out how to string them all together in coherent sentences. Thankfully Christos seems to speak fluent Toddler-ese.

Diana shared a video of her little family that Christos took after she’d gone to work one day, and it’s so darn cute it’s going viral. “After Alexander’s soccer practice I was in such a hurry to get back to work and my baby Alex was very upset he didn’t get the proper goodbye,” she wrote on Facebook. “He had a lot to say and my husband got it all on video.”

Sure enough, the video shows a very irate toddler ready to plead his case for less work, more hugs! Standing barefoot in the living room, Alexander is visibly perturbed that Diana left without a hug and a kiss. He’s so mad he’s practically stomping his foot! Just look at his little face.


The best part is that as he spews out a string of semi-coherent words, dad manages to catch the entire thing and translate it for us. “She didn’t give you a kiss?” Christos asks incredulously. “And she just went to work?” he continues to translate. “What kind of mother does that?”

“Uh dinnohh!” Alexander responds in exasperation. “I don’t know either!” Christos responds. Alexander isn’t done yet. Gesturing towards his baby sister in an infant carrier next to him, he indicates that he, his sister, and Christos all expected a hug and a kiss from Diana before she left, only to be let down. The nerve!


Thank goodness dad was able to translate for us or we’d never know what he was so upset about! We’re sure this will teach Diana a lesson about leaving without saying a proper goodbye. We wouldn’t want her to get another tongue-lashing from this little firecracker!

Watch Alexander’s funny video below, and don’t forget to share.

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