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Brilliant 12-Yr-Old Is Heading To College — With Her Sights Set On NASA!

While most 12-year-olds are spending their time at the movie theater, soccer practice, or a nearby Chick-fil-A, Alena Wicker is heading to college.

With her eyes on NASA, Alena is an ambitious pre-teen with a clear vision of what she wants out of life – and she has what it takes to get there! With that fire lit within her, she sped through her studies, aced all her homeschool classes, and is now ready to take on new challenges as an undergrad.

Alena plans to start at Arizona State University this summer, and she’s ready to jump right into a double major in astronomical and planetary science and chemistry.

“I just had a goal that I wanted to get to,” she told KPNX. “I always dreamed of being an engineer because throughout my life, I liked building.”

Her love for building was kindled by her passion for LEGOs when she was little. According to her, she’s “kind of a nerd for the NASA-sized LEGOs.”

Her aptitude for these LEGO sets eventually turned into scientific genius and aspirations for space travel.

“At 4 years old, she said, ‘Mommy, I’m going to work for NASA, and I’m going to go up there.’ She would point to the stars,” said Alena’s mom, Daphne McQuarter. “She just had a gift for numbers and LEGOs and science, so I started nurturing that gift.”

Alena took to school like a fish takes to water, graduating high school before most even finish middle school. “Her goal is to, by the age of 16, be working for NASA,” Daphne added.

At this rate, we don’t think anyone would be shocked if that wish came true – in fact, Alena would be surprised if it didn’t!

“I’ll be driving one of those future space mobiles by the time I graduate college,” she said. “I’m just planning it all as I go.”

She may be working out the details still, but it seems like she already has her career pretty well thought out. At this rate, we’re thinking Alena will be on the moon by age 16 – and landing real spaceships on Mars by 20!

“It doesn’t matter what your age or what you’re planning to do,” she said. “Go for it, dream, then accomplish it.”

Brilliant words from a brilliant 12-year-old! We can’t wait to watch Alena show us how it’s done!

Learn more about her in the video below, and keep an eye out for her upcoming podcast. Don’t forget to share this exciting story with a friend.

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