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Humble Dishwasher Performs Original Song On “Idol” & Takes Internet By Storm.

Years from now, we will all remember where we were the first time we heard Alejandro Aranda perform.

During a sneak preview of an upcoming episode of “American Idol,” the viewing public caught a first glimpse of the twenty-four year-old dishwasher from Pomona, California who could very well become a household name someday. Clutching his acoustic guitar, Alejandro gave his audition everything he had, and that was a lot.


Performing one of his own original songs called “Out Loud,” Alejandro’s soulful words and music filled the audition room and had an instant effect on all three “American Idol” judges. Katy Perry gazed at the young man adoringly while Lionel Richie looked surprised and delighted by his unique mixture of Latin and folk music. Meanwhile, Luke Bryan couldn’t stop staring at the young man, his mouth hanging open in frank surprise at the sheer talent displayed before him.


Alejandro seems like such a quiet and thoughtful person as he modestly strums his guitar, yet the music he produces is anything but ordinary. In fact, you could put this song on the radio today and it would fit right in with the likes of Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes.


Throughout his performance the judges kept exchanging glances that indicated their approval, and as soon as he was finished they couldn’t wait to lavish praise upon his humble shoulders.

“That was the greatest….” Lionel gushed. “You, my friend, are so talented. I am so inspired.”

“I just feel like I’m in the presence of greatness,” Luke agreed. “I am so glad you are here. It was like watching my favorite movie that I didn’t want to end.”


“You are so special. You are an absolute genius,” said Katy. Lionel went a step further with his praise, telling the talented young man, “You have such a career. And the fact that you don’t know it makes it even more special. There’s nothing like you my friend.â€

You can see Alejandro taking in all of their words and trying to hold back his emotions. This kind of praise has clearly been a long time coming for this performer!


We can’t wait to see the entire audition, not to mention what happens next on the popular talent show! This is one talented singer and songwriter who is sure to be a huge success. “American Idol” may just be the launching pad he needs to take off into the stratosphere!

Check out Alejandro’s incredible performance in the video below, and don’t forget to share!

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