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Airline Passengers Capture Astounding Footage Of SpaceX Launch — From The Sky!

View of a SpaceX rocket, Flacon 9, taking off in Florida. This is from the perspective of someone on an airplane.

If you’ve ever gotten a window seat on an airplane then you know the sights below you can be absolutely breathtaking. There’s the beautiful clouds and sunsets, but there’s also city lights and eye-catching architecture. What most people won’t catch on a flight, however, is the sight of a SpaceX rocket launching into space. But that’s exactly what happened to passengers flying past Cape Canaveral in Florida!

Nelito, who also goes by chefpinkpr on TikTok, shares footage of the launch. He’s a flight attendant, but even he has never witnessed such an incredible moment while in the air. In the video, it’s clear that the event taking place far below the plane captures the attention of just about everyone nearby.

Passengers Capture Footage of SpaceX Launch in Florida

@chefpinkpr While working my flight we witnessed this once in a lifetime phenomenon!! SpaceX Falcon9 #spacex #falcon9 #capecanaveral #nasa #launch #wow ♬ original sound – Nelito

“What are the chances of this?” someone says in the video. “That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

It’s crazy to watch the rocket ascend into space. One second, it’s below the plane. Then, before you know it, the rocket has elevated far above the commercial jet, no doubt even father away than it seems.

View from a plane of a SpaceX rocket in the air. Text on the image reads: My plane flew by Cape Canaveral and caught the SpaceX Flacon 9 launch!!

“While working my flight we witnessed this once in a lifetime phenomenon!!” Nelito excitedly shares in the caption of his video.

Needless to say, this is one flight that all of them are sure to remember!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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