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“AGT” Auditions: Simon Cowell Gives Rare Golden Buzzer To Powerful & Unique Soul Singer

AGT Golden Buzzer

Liv Warfield’s true passion and decades of work all paid off when Simon Cowell gave her the coveted Golden Buzzer during night two of the AGT auditions.

The Chicago native introduced herself to the judges as a soul, rock, and R&B singer and songwriter. Over the years, she’s had some success working with legends like Prince and Nancy Wilson. But overall, she hasn’t had a lot of luck in the music industry, especially in recent years.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, and the industry is really hard because things have changed over time. But I continue to push just because I have a story. I just want to inspire people because I haven’t quit, and I won’t.”

With that, Liv called out her band, which included a full horn section, drums, guitars, and a backup singer. The seemingly reserved performer then broke up in an energetic original song titled Stare.

The audience and judges exploded in cheers as Liv and her band gave their performance, and Simon just stayed seated with a look of disbelief.

After Liv wrapped up, it took a while for the crowd to calm down. When they did, it was time for the judges to give their opinions and vote. But only Simon got the chance to speak.

“Liv, I have a problem,” he admitted. “That wasn’t long enough… It was like being, in a good way, punched in the face by your energy, the band, all these years of frustration. And I’m sorry, I can’t give you a “yes.”

Liv dropped her head and held her microphone close to her heart with Simon’s words, and the audience rumbled with confusion. But it all made sense after what he said next.

“I’m gonna give you one of these,” he said as he slammed the Golden Buzzer.

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