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5-Year-Old Drummer Puts On “Unbelievable” Performance During “AGT” Auditions

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Tonight’s AGT started out with a literal bang when a talented 5-year-old drummer showcased his impressive skills.

Chrisyius Whitehead took the stage as the first hopeful competitor on June 4, and he set a high bar for the acts to follow. Not only did he have jaw-dropping talent, but he was also the sweetest, most polite child judges Simon Cowell, Sofía Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel had ever seen.

As the little boy explained, he has been playing the drums since he was 1, and as he walked to the set for his big moment, he proved that he learned in four years what most can’t learn in a lifetime.

After charming the judges and the crowd, Chrisyius played a high-energy, perfectly timed routine—while standing. He smiled his whole way through, showing that he truly loved what he was doing. And he made every beat look easy.

“AGT” Judges Said Adorable Drummer Was “Brilliant”

The people in the crowd could hardly contain themselves as they cheered him on and danced. The cameras caught dozens of shocked faces with every trick Chrisyius highlighted. When he was done, everyone knew he had a spot on Season 19.

“You did GREAT,” Howie said when Chrisyius walked away from the drums.

“I have to say, you’re better than most adults that are trying to do this, young man,” shared Heidi.

“I can tell that you’re enjoying it,” Sofia added. “And you’re so good at it, and you’re so handsome.”

Simon came in with the best compliments, calling the tiny drummer “brilliant.”

“Your timing was unbelievable,” he gushed. “Your showmanship was unbelievable, and you’re doing something, most importantly, I can tell you love.”

All four judges gave Chrisyius Whitehead a “yes.” If the sweet drummer wins the show, he’ll take home $1 million. He promised that if he wins that money, he’ll share it with “the homeless” and “buy 200 bags of slime and squishy toys” with what’s left over.

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