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After Losing Family Dog, Grieving Kids Come Home To Cutest Surprise & Lose It

A teenage boy and a little girl looks shocked, mouths open, as they stand in the entrance of their home.

If you’ve ever lost a pet, then you know all too well that it’s a devastating loss. This is true no matter how old you are or how long the pet was in your life. Imagine, then, how difficult it must be for a teen to lose their childhood dog. That’s what happened to one of JaNett Hill’s children when their dog, Diesel, passed away. All of the kids were heartbroken, but their eldest was especially hit hard by this loss.

Then, after a month of grieving, Mom and Dad decided that their family was ready for a new addition… an adorable dog named Zoey! But rather than tell their kids about the idea of getting a new dog, they chose to surprise them with a puppy one afternoon. The result? Absolutely priceless.

On Instagram, JaNett shares a video of the moment her kids first lay eyes on their new four-legged friend. Almost instantly, the two little ones drop everything to run over to the puppy. The teenager, on the other hand, still hasn’t processed what’s happening. Instead, he stands there a moment, mouth wide open.

Teen Gets Emotional Over Heartwarming Puppy Surprise

Finally, what’s happening sinks in. In turn, he walks away and starts to cry. These tears are no doubt a mixture of grief and joy, something so many folks who have watched the video understand. Then, once he’s ready, he happily greets Zoey — and it’s sure to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

“We said goodbye to our Diesel dog this past month, and that has been hard on everyone — including Moose,” JaNett captions her Instagram post. “Welcoming sweet Zoey was a complete surprise (as you can see by their reactions) and will, I hope, fill the void he’s left in all of our hearts.”

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