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World’s Best Jump Roper Performs Mind-Blowing Routine That Leaves Audience Gasping.

Before you read any further, forget everything you ever thought you knew about jumping rope.

Many people probably think of jumping rope as a childhood playground activity that pretty much anybody can do. All it takes is a length of rope and a bit of coordination. Yet, in the right hands, a jump rope can become much more than a childish passtime… it can become a full time career and lifelong passion!


Hungarian Adrienn Banhegyi has been a competitive jump roper for all of her adult life. Not only is she an international jump rope champion, but she has even set two separate world records for her amazingly fast footwork and flawless artistry.

Her skills are so incredible that in 2011, she was asked to become a member of the world-famous acrobat troupe Cirque du Soleil.


Adrienn is also qualified to teach English and Physical Education, so she uses these skills in her career to encourage others to jump rope for good health, fitness, and fun.

On her website, she says that traveling with Cirque has enabled her to spread her talent even further than she ever could have dreamed.

“I could not have wished for a better opportunity to keep going with my sport and practice my favourite foreign language at the same time.”


In one noteworthy performance, Adrienn performed a “playground” routine that went viral around the world. Her incredibly fast footwork is absolutely mind boggling, and most of us could never dream of being this talented… or coordinated!

Take a look at Adrienn’s stunning talent in the video below, and be sure to share this video today.

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