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Adorable: “Me Crocheting A Cat Pod Thinking My Cat Won’t Like It…”

A cat standing next to a crochet pod.

After going to all the trouble of creating a crochet “cat pod,” one owner wasn’t sure that her pet would actually like the gift. However, it turns out that she needn’t have worried. As soon as the animal got her paws on the hand-crafted item, she made herself right at home inside! Mom captured the cutest video of the feline curling up in the cozy space.

In the clip, it only took a matter of seconds for the cat to figure out with the crochet item was for. She immediately dove into the entrance headfirst, then wiggled around in order to get herself comfortable. After some shifting, she ended up with her body inside the pod and her head sticking out the top.

“Oh to be a cat in a cat pod,” wrote one commenter.

Another added, “You should sell these! I’d buy one!”

Cat pods are pretty popular on social media, so you can find quite a few videos of crochet lovers posting their pets’ reactions to these fun accessories. Another user shared an adorable video of their kitty, Morgana, hanging out in her own little handmade space. This animal had a slightly different approach, though. Instead of poking her head out the top, she treated the pod more like a cave.

For most cats, it doesn’t matter if it’s a custom cat pod crocheted by their owner or an empty box — they just love curling up in small spaces. It’s not uncommon to find these creatures making themselves comfy in the strangest places!

Catster suggests a few different reasons for this feline phenomenon. One theory is that cats have a natural impulse to seek out safe hiding places in order to protect themselves. However, it might also have something to do with a more predatory instinct. It’s easier to sneak up on prey when they can’t see you coming!

Whatever the reason might be, we can all agree that it’s really cute to see how much kitties love curling up in their own crochet cat pods.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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