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Adorable Little Sports Fan Can Name These Shows By Their Theme Songs Alone!

austin loves sports

Lots of kids love to watch sports with their parents. Some even name their favorite teams and players at a young age. However, this little sports fan takes things to another level with his knowledge!

In the adorable video, you see Austin listening to theme songs from various sports and easily naming off the shows. For example, when played the classic theme song for Sunday Night Football, he immediately spouts off the answer with his hands above his head. 

austin loves sports

The theme song doesn’t even need to be that of an actual show. He can also name the station you might be watching the game on based on their theme music! For example, Austin correctly names the station CBS when played the theme music used during their NFL football games. 

And Austin isn’t just restricted to football, either! He can also successfully name other sports theme songs, such as baseball. 

You can catch the little guy in action here, just watch him showing off his impressive skills!

Seeing young sports fans sharing their love for the game is about more than exercise or team loyalty. Austin has obviously spent copious amounts of time watching these different networks and games with his family, enjoying every second of it. 

That’s what it’s all about — spending quality time with your family and enjoying the camaraderie of your favorite sport or team. We should all take on Austin and his family’s great example. Next time you tune in to the big game, make sure to enjoy it with your little one and take the time to help them enjoy it too!

austin the sports fan

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