Adorable Hen Dashes To Greet Owner When They Arrive Home: WATCH

chicken by car door

In a delightful twist on daily reunions, a chicken has captured hearts by eagerly racing towards her owner’s car each day. This feathery sprinter dashes with unbridled enthusiasm. As the car pulls up, anticipation mounts — and then she’s off! This isn’t just a one-time thing either, this loving chicken greets her owner daily!

chicken running to greet owner daily

With a flurry of feathers, she zooms straight to the vehicle. The moment the door opens, she leaps, seeking pets with the eagerness of a long-lost friend. This daily ritual, far from ordinary, underscores an extraordinary friendship transcending species. It’s a true celebration of connection and the unexpected ways love manifests.

As you witness this unique bond when this chicken happily greets her owner daily, consider the joy in life’s simplest moments. Share this story and spread the happiness.

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