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Adorable Calf With Heart-Shaped Spot Has People Everywhere Falling In Love.

A cute little calf with a heart shape on her forehead.

An Oklahoma farm welcomed a special addition to their livestock: an adorable calf with a heart-shaped spot on her head! Affectionately named Cupid, this little cutie was born in December of last year at Merchen Farms. Photos of the little red cow with a white heart on her forehead have completely captivated internet users everywhere. In fact, some people even reached out to the farm hoping to buy the baby cow!

Casey Merchen, one of Cupid’s owners, told USA Today that the unique heart-shaped spot on the calf’s head developed over time.

“Her mom is red angus with no visual markings, yet every year she has a baby with a white dot on its head,” said the farmer. “About a week ago, while doing our nightly check, we noticed the little dot was starting to take the shape of a heart.”

A baby calf with a heart-shaped spot on her head.

On Facebook, Merchen Farms posted some adorable pictures of the little calf with the heart-shaped spot on her head. That’s when the baby cow started getting a lot of attention! How is Cupid dealing with her newfound fame?

“I was telling Cupid she’d taken the internet by storm, but she didn’t seem to care too much,” Casey joked to USA Today.

A cute little calf with a heart shape on her forehead.

Here’s hoping this adorable calf with the special heart-shaped spot on her head grows into a happy, healthy cow!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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