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Adorable Australian Toddler Passionately Shares Her Daily Affirmations

Toddler Daily Affirmations

An adorable toddler is sharing her daily affirmations with the world, and she means every single word she says.

The little girl, named Aleksandra, who regularly shares videos of positivity from her family’s TikTok page, told the camera what she tells herself every morning, and, honestly, they’re things we should all be saying to ourselves. However, the reason we’re loving this clip so much isn’t just about the message.

While the Aussie tot repeats her affirmations, she has so much conviction. She believes everything she says, and it’s perfect.

“I say to myself, you are BOLD; you are brilliant; you are beautiful! she shouts. “Today, you will not let other people’s words affect you.”

“You are worthy of greatness!” she continues while she points her little finger and furrows her brows. “I love you.”

The toddler smiles at the end and blows her adoring fans a kiss before signing off with a smile.

While there are many uplifting posts on the account, this one has been one of the most loved. In the comments, people shared why.

“Your little sayings bring a really big smile to my face.😁😁 Thank you little one,” wrote a grateful follower.

“❤❤❤😘 Thank you sweetie 🥰I needed that ❤😘,” wrote another.

“I love her!” shared a fan. “She brightens my day!”

“I was having a bad day but this made me cry and feel better… Thank you ”

Sofia Dimitrievski spoke with GMA after the video first went viral in 2021, and she shared that she has worked hard to give her children strong confidence and emotional well-being because Sofia lost her brother to mental health struggles in 2011.

She explained that those teachers led to Aleksandra’s morning messages.

“I was doing my makeup one day, and Aleksandra climbed into my lap,” she recalled. “So I started saying some affirmations, and she would repeat them, but with such passion. It was so cute. So I thought I’d try getting her to repeat longer ones.”

The tot did start repeating them and eventually became an internet star who has been reshared by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Graham.

“To know that my family, especially my daughter, can make people’s days and lives better by bringing happiness into their home with our videos honestly is the greatest gift we could ever receive,” Sofia added.

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