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Accordion-Playing Grandma And Dancing Dog Made The Perfect Team

An elderly grandma playing the accordion while a dog dances.

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this adorable dog dancing along to Grandma’s accordion? Tina Millen Hicks shared the sweetest compilation video of her mom playing music while the pooch, named Nathan, got his groove on! In the clips, the pup got on his hind legs whenever the elderly woman brought out her instrument. He’d start dancing on his little back paws while shaking his head to the tune!

What’s especially hilarious about these videos is that Nathan was usually dancing on an office chair. It looks like the high back gave him the extra support he needed to remain stable on his back legs!

Sadly, Tina revealed that Grandma Tillie has passed away. She shared the video of her mom playing the accordion with the dancing dog to honor her on Mother’s Day.

“She was a ray of sunshine to so many!” the woman wrote in her caption. “I think I’m safe to say: I had the only mom, named Tillie, who played the accordion, no matter the season, while a nekkid dog named Nathan danced!”

Commenters fell in love with the adorable duo at first sight.

“What a beautiful mom and dog!!” wrote one user. “I’ve never seen so much bonding and love!”

“I can’t decide which one I wanna be,” joked another.

An elderly grandma playing the accordion while a dog dances.
Screengrab from Instagram

In another post, Tina shared that Nathan the dancing dog unfortunately also passed away. Although his owners weren’t sure exactly how old he was, since he was a rescue, they guessed he was around 15. That’s a pretty long life for a pooch! Based on the sweet footage shared in his memory, it looks like he certainly made the most of his years on this earth.

Rest in peace, Grandma Tillie and Nathan. You made the world a brighter place!

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