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Tired of all the negative media? You’re in the right place. InspireMore is a community of passionate people connecting daily to ignite hope and inspiration in themselves and others.

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“I’m so sick of all the hate and all the bad news… it’s so good to read stories of faith and hope! Positive stories are what we need! Thank You!”
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Our vision since day one has always been to build a business that taps into our deep human desire to be inspired and to inspire others with the goal of making the world a better place.

Since launching in March 2014, InspireMore has reached more than 500 million people around the world with positive news and inspirational content, making us at one point the #15 most visited mobile website in the U.S.

Through the power of this positive content and the vast reach of our community, we’ve been able to donate over $135,000 to 100+ amazing charities in the last 9+ years through our unique give-back model.

We’re truly humbled by the impact we’ve seen in such a short time, but we’re hungry for more. And we are so glad you’ve found us, because we won’t be able to fulfill our mission without you. To learn more about ways you can get involved with our mission, click here.

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The InspireMore Team

We’re a small team with a big mission. Thanks for stopping by to meet us. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Robert Neely
Founder & CEO
Hunter Stensrud
Co-founder & CMO
Corinne Sanders
Head of Newsletters
Abby Bowman
Staff Writer/Editor
Caleb Mariakis
Sales & Partnerships Manager

What People Are Saying

Our Community Says it Best

“I’ve always been a negative person, if it’s from outcomes or the way things should be looked at. I look at them differently. But after spending a few hours reading and watching InspireMore’s stories, it absolutely uplifted me. I didn’t think I was even human anymore. I forgot how to even cry until today! So thank you, god bless every single one of you. Please keep on being so positive it really warms my soul to the fullest.”

“The most beautiful and heartwarming stories I have read for quite a while…. oh my heart. Just gorgeous!”

“My husband & I were talking just this morning of our belief that this world is FULL of wonderful people & wonderful stories, but you never hear about them on the local news. You only hear the terrible, awful stories…you only hear of the truly bad people. I said it is a shame. And then, I found you! And I am happy & inspired. I am glad I found you.”

“I just stumbled across your site – right when I really needed it! I have clinical depression caused by complex trauma and lately it’s got so bad I didn’t want to deal with it any more. Then today I came across your site and it has given me strength to carry on. I just want to say thank you. Without sounding dramatic, I think this site has probably saved my life. Thank you again.”

“My name is Tami. I was shot 37 1/2 years ago at a restaurant robbery. 4 people were killed, 5 injured. My boyfriend was one of them. I was only 17 1/2 years old at the time. I suffer from PTSD. Everyday I check my E-mails. When I see the InspireMore E-mail I get a smile on my face. If not all 3 stories, at least one touches my heart in one way or the other. I love them. Please keep them coming.”

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