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Abandoned Pool Transforms Into Neon Skeleton Party With Artist’s Clever Trick.

In a moonlit playground where water used to reign, one man challenges the conventions of nighttime photography. Using the backdrop of an abandoned pool, he brandishes colorful flashlights like a wizard’s wand. His mission? To bring the afterlife to the party scene.

Man holding green flashlight in empty pool.

Long-exposure photography captures the vibrant creations as they dance around the pool — skulls and bones in an otherworldly rave. The final result? Bright, neon skeletons are seen mingling as if they’ve sneaked out of their tombs just to kick it poolside.

As this nocturnal artist proves, even deserted spaces have stories waiting to be illuminated. Would you dare to join this luminous underworld fiesta? Light up your imagination and share this electrifying video with your friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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