A Whole New World: Toddler Sees Color For First Time—Jumps For Joy

Toddler sees color

This toddler literally jumped for joy the moment he sees color for the first time, and we can’t help but celebrate the amazing experience with him!

Positive World Online shared a video of the little boy, Cayden, as he put on special glasses that corrected his achromatopsia. The hereditary disorder causes partial to total colorblindness, meaning some people can only see on a grayscale. It also leads to reduced vision.

Kayden’s parents filmed his response when he first put on his glasses and experienced a world of crisp color, and when it made it to social media, it warmed countless hearts.

In the clip, Cayden is sitting in a high chair, and his mom tells him that his glasses have arrived. He clearly understands they’ll help him see better, so he leans his whole body towards her to show that he is ready to give them a try.

The second his mom fits the new eyewear over his ears, he has a brief second of shock and says, “Whoa.” Then, he begins bouncing up and down and cheering.

The adorable toddler looks around the room with a huge, beaming smile across his face and studies the color he sees on objects and people’s faces. His family is overwhelmed with happiness, and they laugh and cheer with him.

“Ahh this is just precious,” someone wrote in the comments.


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