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“A Walk Through The Pet Cemetery” Shows How Loved These Animals Truly Were.

pet grave and bird memorial

Almost all pet owners will admit that their fur children are loved like family. They keep us company during our darkest times and celebrate our biggest achievements. So when we lose a four-legged friend, the grief can be overwhelming, but we always cherish the years they gave us.

To give pets a heartfelt goodbye, many people give them a proper burial. That way, the animals have a forever memorial and their owners have a place to visit. Below, we showcase how loved pets are with snapshots captured during one person’s walk through a pet cemetery.

1. Clean Was a Well-Loved Pet

Mr. Clean headstone

Sometimes simplicity is best. We don’t know what kind of pet Clean was, but he was clearly a loved member of a family.

2. Tiger Lived a Long and Happy Life

Tiger cat headstone

This “big old lovable tom cat” lived 14 long years and filled his owner’s heart with love and joy.

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