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A Twist Of Fate: This Fox’s Mother Rejecting Her Saved Her From A Fur Farm.


When you hear a story of an animal rejected by their mother, there’s always a pang of sadness associated. However, in this instance, this fox’s mother actually saved her life when she rejected her kit. 

Thystle the fox

Thystle the red fox was born at a fur farm, and when her mother rejected her, the fur farm allowed Saveafox to rescue her. If Thystle’s mother had raised her, Thystle would have eventually been euthanized to have her fur harvested. 

Instead, Clevyr Creatures Fox Sanctuary adopted her from Saveafox. Now Thystle gets to live out her life at their sanctuary in Oklahoma. 

thystle the fox and friend

“Thystle enjoys going on walks and exploring new places,” Clevyr Creatures details on their website. “She’s very sweet and outgoing, and always eager to meet nearly everyone. Her favorite toys are holey roller balls and squeaky toys and her favorite food is chicken!”

At their sanctuary, Thystle gets to spend her time playing with other foxes and exploring her large enclosure.

In one video posted to their TikTok page, you can see Thystle playfully chasing Artemys, another rescued fox. Artemys has no tail, as her mother chewed it off when Artemys was a baby. Fur foxes sometimes mutilate their offspring due to stress, but this allowed Artemys to be rescued. 

Currently, Clevyr Creatures Fox Sanctuary houses 20 rescued or surrendered foxes. The goal of the sanctuary is to improve the lives of domestic foxes through rescue and education. They offer a variety of ways for you to support them and their foxes, including direct donations, sponsorship opportunities, merch, their Amazon wish list, and even paintings created by their foxes that you can purchase! 

You can learn more at their website

foxes at clevyr creatures

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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