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10 Adorable Clips Of Cat Siblings And Their Humans Having A Great Life Watching TV

Cats Ella and Jovie from TikTok and Instagram love watching TV.

Most cats are indifferent. Their humans come and go, and they could truly care less. But not Ella. This cat is addicted to cartoons and wants to watch every day. She also insists that her human pays attention while watching, too! When mom isn’t paying the appropriate amount of attention to the current show, Ella turns in her cat bed and gives some pretty judgmental looks.

We took some time to check out some of the videos of Ella and her cat-sister Jovie, who sometimes watches TV, too. They are both adorable little fluffy lumps with very different personalities. Cat-mom Emily describes her little charges as “a little melted chocolate chip” (Jovie) and “a little toasted marshmalla” (Ella). The happy little family has an Instagram page with 180,000 followers and a TikTok channel with more than 756,000 followers. We found some of our favorite videos to share with you.

1. Disney Cartoon Full-Length Movies Are Among Her Faves.

She will sit and attentively watch the whole movie from the intro through the ending credits.

2. She Always Makes Sure Mom Is Watching, Too!

While watching “Ice Age,” Ella keeps giving her cat-mom judgmental looks over her shoulder. Seriously, this cat thinks the world revolves around her! Oh, wait, it probably does!

3. Turning Ella Into A Pixar Character!

Filters on social media apps can create some amazing looks. This Pixar character generator turns Ella from an ordinary cat into a Pixar character. We think she deserves a cameo in one of their upcoming productions!

4. The 2018 Animated Grinch Is One Of Ella’s Favorites!

Ella has a few favorites, and she is particularly fond of the 2018 animated version of “The Grinch.” The film was taken off Netflix unexpectedly, but many of her fans offered to send DVD copies to satisfy her addiction!

5. Jovie Doesn’t Do Much TV Watching But Will Chase All The Bats!

Is there ever a time when Halloween decorations aren’t appropriate? Jovie seems to appreciate the bats flying up the wall!

6. There Will Be No Sleeping In On Ella’s Watch!

When it’s time for her shows, Ella makes no bones about it and tells her cat mom to get out of bed and deal with the remote. We’re guessing that cat mom might be wishing that her cat had at least one opposable thumb so she could sleep in!

7. Ella Might Be Famous For Loving TV, But Jovie Enjoys It, Too

Jovie may not quite understand this show, but she is certainly paying attention and trying!

8. You can run but you can’t hide!

Ella is relentless in her pursuit of television.

9. It’s Not All Cartoons And Fun. This Cat Watches Educational Programming, Too.

Ella enjoys nature documentaries as well as cartoons. She is particularly fond of ocean-based films featuring undersea creatures.

10. Heaven Forbid You Have A Slow Connection!

Ella does not like waiting for her shows to load. When the TV is buffering and processing, she will complain, sometimes loudly.

Since adopting Ella, Emily has adapted to life with a senior cat addicted to watching TV. There are worse things in life.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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