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A Lot Can Change In 15 Yrs! Man Takes Picture Of Himself Every Day For Over A Decade.

a photo of jordan on the left at 13 and him on the right as of the end of 2022

It’s amazing how our bodies change and grow over time. One young man decided to document his growth over the years, and the result was beyond cool.

When Jordan Wilson was 13 years old, he set out to take a picture of himself every day in the same position for 15 years – from December 25, 2007, to December 25, 2022. Jordan was very precise, down to the angle and the camera he used.

He has made multiple videos using the pictures to show his progress. While each of the videos is unique, the one that has become the most popular is the one that showcases his transformation over a decade. It has attracted over 20 million views.

When asked if he would continue his photo journey, Jordan had the perfect response: “Can’t see any reason to stop now!”

We don’t see why he should stop, either. Check out Jordan’s 15-year video below, and don’t forget to share it with a friend. 

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