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A Lesson On Forgiveness: Motorcycle Driver Has The Sweetest Reaction To Woman’s Apology.

screenshot of footage of a man on a motorcycle stopping to speak with a woman driving a car who almost hit him that is captioned with “I’m not cryin, you’re cryin”

In a world where everyone makes mistakes, there’s so much value in learning how to own up to them. This is something this woman did perfectly after she almost hit a man driving a motorcycle.

Their interaction afterward was caught on the man’s camera, and it’s gone viral for its excellent display of how much better the world is when we apologize for our mistakes and give grace to those who wrong us. It starts off with the woman profusely apologizing, her voice trembling as she spoke.

As someone with a son who has a motorcycle, she knows all too well the dangers that come with driving them. She even pointed out that she very easily could have killed the man had she not been more careful. Still, the man insisted that her apology was enough, and that he was not mad at her. This incident was no doubt upsetting for them both, but because the man chose to be understanding, they both left feeling much better than they would have otherwise!

Watch their inspiring conversation below and don’t forget to share.

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