Couple Finds Lost Dentures While Snorkeling And Takes Them On Hilarious Road Trip.

a two-photo collage. the first is of aaron and blaire welborn wearing sunglasses as they smile and pose with randy williams’ dentures and an open box of krispy kreme donuts. the second is of randy williams smiling after he got his dentures back and put them on.

Losing your belongings while you’re on vacation is a total drag. Now, imagine losing your teeth!

That’s what happened to Randy Williams of Wisconsin on a recent trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. His hat blew off, and when he leaned over to retrieve it, his top dentures fell right out of his mouth and plopped into the sea. Unable to find them, Randy was forced to cut his food into tiny pieces and avoid his favorites like steak for the rest of the week.

Five days later, Randy and his family flew back to Wisconsin sans teeth. He wasn’t looking forward to replacing them, especially since they cost about $2,000. That’s when Lady Fortune intervened in the weirdest yet most amazing way!

The day Randy left Alabama, Aaron and Blaire Welborn of Mississippi were just beginning their vacation. Aaron decided to check out the snorkeling on the coast outside their resort, about 2 miles west of where Randy lost his chompers.

“I’m just like well, I’m going to put my goggles on and look down in the water as I walk up and maybe, just by chance I’ll find something and I stuck my head in the water and as soon as I stuck my head in the water, they were literally sitting there on the bottom, just smiling at me,” Aaron recalled.

“They actually scared me,” Aaron continued. “I was like, where’s the rest of this guy’s teeth?”

Aaron found the name Randy Williams etched into the dentures, and the search was on! He shared pictures of them on Facebook, and within 20 minutes the social medial network had worked its magic. Aaron got Randy’s phone number and called him to tell him the great news: He had his teeth and would be shipping them back.

But first… he was going to give them the time of their life!

Aaron and Blaire preceded to have far too much fun with Randy’s teeth! They brought the dentures with them everywhere they went — this included a pool for some fun in the sun and a local restaurant for some fine dining. They told every stranger they met about their “Dental Adventure,” getting big laughs wherever they went.

“We had the best waitress!!” Aaron captioned one photo taken at a local restaurant. “Randy’s Dentures may have made her shriek a little.”

Aaron’s social feed was filled with selfies of himself and his “Dental Adventure fam,” all posing gleefully with Randy’s teeth. After a week of giving the dentures a “bucket list” to last a lifetime, Aaron and his wife packed everything up and took the package to FedEx.

Randy received the package with his teeth, along with photo prints of the Dental Adventure and a handwritten note “from” the dentures. He seemed pretty excited to get those teeth “in the mouth they call home,” popping them in mere seconds after opening the package.

We’ll bet Randy had steak for dinner that night! Losing your dentures is never fun, but we’re glad Blaire and Aaron were able to help him make the most of it. We’ll certainly

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