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A Homeless Man’s Life Is Transformed By A New Friend — And A Cup of Coffee.

Roderick and Bryan have struck up a friendship.

Tennessee gym owner Roderick Duncan was surprised when he found a homeless young man sleeping in one of the old cars parked behind his business. He was even more surprised when he found himself befriending the 24-year-old. How did he go from shooing Bryan Taylor off his property to offering him a spot on the couch? It all started with a cup of coffee.

According to CBS, finding Bryan asleep behind the God Body gym became a regular occurrence for Roderick. No matter how many times he asked the young man to leave, he was always there again the next day. Eventually, Roderick decided that the young man could use a little kindness.

A homeless young man was found sleeping in an old car.
Screengrab from CBS Evening News/YouTube

“Before I could knock on the window, I said, ‘You know what?’ I came back in here and made him a cup of coffee,” he said.

Roderick’s small gesture paved the way for friendship. After hearing about Bryan’s alcoholism, the business owner was moved to lend him a helping hand. He gave Bryan a place to sleep, drove him to job interviews, and even took him to get a new ID. However, Roderick soon realized that it would take some time and a lot of patience on his part for the young man to truly turn his life around.

Roderick and Bryan have struck up a friendship.
Screengrab from CBS Evening News/YouTube

“Some people need more than one chance,” he told reporters. “It takes a while for most kids to stop bumping their head.”

As it turns out, forgiveness and support are the most important gifts Roderick could have given his young friend. Months later, things aren’t perfect, but Bryan is a whole lot better off than where he started. He’s grateful to his pal and mentor for helping him transform his life.

Bryan Taylor is leading a much better life thanks to help from his friend.
Screengrab from CBS Evening News/YouTube

“I’m a changed person,” said Bryan. “I got a job. I got more confidence. I got a smile on my face.” 

Watch the video below to see Roderick and Bryan’s incredible friendship unfold. Don’t forget to share!

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