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A Hidden Audition: The Story Of The Woman Behind Snow White’s Voice.

Adriana Caselotti auditioning for Snow White.

Think of Snow White — that iconic high soprano singing “I’m Wishing” has lived through generations. The woman behind this legendary voice? Adriana Caselotti. Yes, a name worth knowing.

If you think landing a role as iconic as Snow White would be traditional in any way, think again. During Adriana’s audition, Walt Disney himself was hidden behind a screen. Why? He didn’t want looks to influence his decision, opting instead for a voice that would resonate across decades.

Snow White and Adriana Caselotti side by side.

Indeed, Adriana got the chance to audition as Snow White because her father owned a singing studio in Los Angeles. When Disney representatives called looking for a young singing talent, Adriana couldn’t resist the urge to chime in. Overhearing the conversation, she then suggested, “Papa, how about me?”

The snippet of her original screen test has survived for more than 85 years. What’s more, the remarkable video below gives us a glimpse into this historic audition. It features a side-by-side comparison of Adriana’s original screen test with the Snow White we all know and love. In a way, it feels like time travel, bridging the chasm between the making and the masterpiece.

From that simple eavesdrop to maintaining her iconic soprano voice throughout her life, Adriana’s journey adds another layer to Snow White’s evergreen allure.

So, don’t keep this enchanting story to yourself — share the magic far and wide!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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