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A “Deer” Friend: Golden Retriever Shares Remarkable Lifelong Friendship with Doe.

In the history of unlikely friendships, there have been some pretty wild combinations. From different walks of life to entirely different species, these pairings are proof that friends come in all shapes and sizes. You just never know who might hit it off.

For lifelong besties, Buttons and G-bro, being pals is second nature to both animals. And they never cease to amaze us with their unbreakable bond!

The story first began over a decade ago at the Brown Family Hiking Trails. Lorrie Brown and her family, who own a number of animals, stepped up to help care for an orphaned fawn when her mother was tragically struck and killed by a vehicle. Around that same time, Lorrie gave her son a golden retriever puppy for Christmas.

Once introduced, Buttons the deer and G-bro the dog became fast friends and eager playmates. They also lived peaceably amongst the other four-legged companions in the home. Lorrie still marvels at how everything came to pass.

“She [Buttons] became a member of the family.” Lorrie recalled to The Epoch Times. “We always wanted her to be a doe and be wild, but she grew up with our animals and just bonded with them.”

And the fierce connection between Buttons and G-bro is, perhaps, the greatest wonder of all.

Like most best friends, these two have a lot in common. In spite of being different animals, Buttons and G-bro share many similarities. They both love to hike and play outside in the snow. Mutual grooming is also part of the equation, as they can often be observed licking one another while hanging out on the lawn.

“They’re just both very loving and very sweet,” Lorrie explained. “Buttons is just very easygoing, and calm. We have swim lessons for the children at our house and Buttons will sit down and just let everybody love her. Well, that’s the same way with G-bro.”

Of course, every fawn and puppy eventually grow up. Even a domesticated deer yearns to be free. What happens when two kindred spirits must go their separate ways?

Love will bring them back together!

While Buttons frequently wanders off in the woods to join the herd, she always returns to visit with her chosen family. In fact, Buttons makes regular house calls on G-bro. She will actually paw at the front door and wait for G-bro to come for a visit. But these days, there’s more love to go around.

Each spring marks a new beginning – one that often includes the pitter-patter (click-clack?) of little hooves. Over the years, Buttons has given birth several times and continues to show her babies off to the Brown family.

“At first, we were afraid she wouldn’t want the dog there.” admitted Lorrie. “But he started gently licking the babies, and she did not care at all; she let him groom them, and they would play with him.”

The secret to this enduring friendship is simple enough.

“I think G-bro and Buttons just mean family to each other,” Lorrie explained.

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