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A Dad’s Hilarious Attempt At Wrangling Triplets And A Toddler — All At Once!

dad triplets

As all parents know, having one baby will keep you on your toes, especially when they’re mobile. Having two adds a new level of chaos, and three can be plain insanity. But one dad is living with crawling triplets and a walking toddler—who are all in diapers. And a video of him trying to wrangle the unruly bunch is making people laugh to tears.

In a video, shared by The Baby Gang, the babies’ father attempts to get all four dressed in their pajamas, but keeping them in one place proves to be impossible.

The self-proclaimed “average dad” brings them into his bedroom, puts them in a lineup, and starts dressing them quickly in hopes of getting the task done before one or more of them crawls away. As soon as he starts getting the sleeve on one baby’s arm, the other three start crawling away.

Throughout the seemingly impossible situation, the dad dresses and wrangles the triplets and toddler with impressive skill. The babies laugh, play, wave and at the camera, and the toddler jumps on the bed and randomly runs off.

Fortunately, the dad manages to win that round. All four little ones end up snug in their PJs, and they remain accounted for. However, we don’t doubt that the battles are endless, and sometimes, the babies come out as the victors.

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